Water Softener Systems

Installation, Replacement

We sell and install Capital Water Softeners. Capital softeners are highly efficient and feature metered regeneration, which means the softener regenerates when it needs to, not on a schedule. If you are gone, it will not regenerate. When you arrive home, or have additional people in your home, the softener will regenerate as needed. Capital softeners even have a memory, such as if all your laundry is done on Saturday, the softener will adjust. 

These adjustments will allow the softener to regenerate even less often saving you salt, water and energy costs. Capital also has a complete line of commercial softeners, Reverse Osmosis Systems, iron filters, and water neutralizers for high PH water conditions.



  • Same day service available.
  • Affordable, quality water softeners from Capital Water Softeners.
  • High efficiency & feature metered regeneration.
  • Backed by Capital's tank & parts warranties
  • Residential & Commercial Applications.
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